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Keith Briggs

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I am professionally a mathematician. Some of my interests are graph theory and stochastic processes for network applications; distributed algorithms; wireless systems; and mathematical computing, including computational number theory and combinatorial optimization. I am an Alan Tayler Visiting Lecturer in the Mathematical Institute of the University of Oxford. This is me on Wikipedia, and this is me on Google Scholar. My other interests include the linguistic history of place-names, harpsichording, and cycling. I have been a cartotaller since 2008-06-08. My pronoun is anaphoric.

what's new?

I have had to remove the following files due to excessive automated downloading: EPN_maps/English_placename_element_distribution.pdf; images/Roman_road_maps.pdf; documents/BenjaminHu.pdf; documents/Suffolk_place-name_course_slides_00.pdf; documents/AS_charters_junirg.pdf; documents/AS_charters_beowulf.pdf; sawyer.pkl. Please email me if you would like a copy of these.
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